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The key features of the Google Pixel 5 have been revealed

12 August 2020, Wednesday By Elena Arich

Google has literally given birth to the news. Not all of them come directly from the company, but it is the company that is at the very center. We were shown the new Pixel 4a, told about the discontinuation of the Google Pixel 4, boasted about the security features of Google smartphones, and much more. The date of the presentation of the Google Pixel 5 was even accidentally (or not) disclosed and information about the upcoming folding smartphone was leaked. All this in a week from one company. And now there is information about the key characteristics of the Google Pixel 5. There is something to contemplate. Although we already knew many of the figures earlier, we have now received additional confirmation.

The new Pixel will really be new this time

When will Google Pixel 5 be released

The appearance of the Google Pixel 5, according to information distributed by the company itself, is scheduled for October 8 this year. That is, it remains relatively short to wait for it, but the key characteristics of the device have already appeared on the network. It was only cooler when the journalists had working prototypes of the new product sometime before the presentation.

Now the mention of the characteristics was found in the performance test through which the smartphone was driven. It's not a secret for anyone that almost finished samples already exist and are being tested in full to rid the model. This is how we learned more about the processor and RAM of the new product.

Back in the spring, it was reported that the company wants to stop using the top-end Snapdragon processor in the flagship series. If not for such a rejection, this year it would be Snapdragon 865. Instead, the company opted for the Snapdragon 765G, which is cheaper and more compact but does not perform much worse. It provides such performance that a simple user will hardly notice the difference with the older model. Considering the optimization, the difference can be reduced to zero at all. But in this way, the company can reduce the cost of a smartphone and thereby increase sales. This is what it really needs.

Google Pixel 5 just has to be cool

What processor will be in the Google Pixel 5

New data confirms the use of such a processor. The new product will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. The test was performed yesterday (August 11).

In addition to fairly high performance, the processor is able to work in 5G networks. This clearly shows that Google has decided to keep up with the competition in this direction. The key feature of Snapdragon 765G in relation to fifth-generation networks is that the corresponding modem is built into the main chipset, and not made as a separate module, as in Snapdragon 865. Because of this, it is much easier to place it inside a smartphone.

Despite the fact that this is not the top-end processor in the Snapdragon lineup, the smartphone will still be positioned as a flagship. It will be actively advertised and compared with top models from Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, and other manufacturers. Advertising is likely to focus on lower prices.

5G is no longer a luxury for a modern smartphone, but a necessity

How much RAM will be in the Google Pixel 5

Of course, the flagship should have a lot of RAM. This has also been proven by test results. The new product will receive 8 GB of RAM. It may not be so much compared to many competitors, but most likely it will be a good indicator for the price tag that will hang on the Google Pixel 5. We can also assume that the new smartphone will receive several options for internal memory. For example, 128 and 256 GB. This would be the best option for such a model.

Features of the new Google smartphone

Unfortunately, this is almost all the information we have as a result of the performance test. However, these characteristics are not in vain called key, because they will not change. The company can do a little bit with the battery, built-in memory, camera or case, but parameters such as processor and RAM are basic and give an idea of what the smartphone will be like.

As a result, if you were waiting for the Pixel and hoped that it would have a Snapdragon 865 processor, you can safely choose another smartphone. Or Vice versa, if you thought that the new product would be cheaper than the competition due to a simpler processor, then in two months you will get what you were waiting for.

Google Pixel smartphone

Of course, an accidental or intentional leak of the presentation date may be false. Even if not, the company may change its mind and change the presentation date. As a result, the time frame may shift slightly. I don't think there will be such serious problems this time as in the case of the Google Pixel 4a. The consequences of the pandemic have already stabilized, and the company's staff has been replenished with new specialists after the departure of two key members of the Google Pixel team. So this time it should be good.

Let's see what the new product will look like, but if you need a phone now and want it to be a Pixel, pay attention to the Pixel 4a. It's not bad. Whether the Pixel 5 will be much better, only time will tell.

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