HUAWEI patented a smartphone with an invisible front camera

Various companies have already shown prototypes of smartphones with a sub-screen camera, but so far no devices with this technology have been put on sale. Among the first to release a commercial device with such a solution may be HUAWEI, which was found to have a corresponding patent.

The HUAWEI patent presents the design of two smartphones, one of which with the layout and shape of the main camera resembles the Mate 30, and the second - the P30 Pro. In both cases, the entire front side is occupied by the display, which also continues on the side faces. Because of this, the devices do not have the usual physical power and volume buttons. It is worth noting that we already saw something similar in last year's Mate 30 Pro.

The main feature of the concepts is the front camera hidden under the screen, which should not be visible when the device is working.

It is still unclear whether HUAWEI plans to use a sub-screen camera in its future devices. Perhaps this technology will be applied in the Mate 40 or P50.

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