OnePlus Z will cost $299

The new OnePlus Z smartphone should hit the market next month. It also, judging by leaks and rumors, has excellent value for money and excellent technical characteristics. However, the only thing that is still unknown is the price of the smartphone. There were speculations that the device will cost less than $350, which is not so expensive compared to the latest smartphones of the company. 

However, the latest teaser from Carl Pei sheds light on the question of the price of the new smartphone. The co-founder of OnaPlus shared a tweet from 2014 about the original OnePlus One, accompanying it with a significant phrase: "It's been a while..." (you can also translate as "Long time no see").

At first glance, this tweet doesn't mean anything. If we consider that smartphone manufacturers have a habit of hinting at their future devices in this way, we can conclude that the upcoming OnePlus Z may cost $299. One would think that Carl Pei is talking about borrowing design elements from the original OnePlus, but judging from numerous leaks, the OnePlus Z doesn't look like the original OnePlus.

If the new OnePlus Z costs just $299, it means it will be $100 cheaper than the iPhone SE and $50 cheaper than the Pixel 4a. This price will eventually make the OnePlus Z, one of the most affordable devices with flagship features on the market at present.

Will OnePlus have the courage to take this step and make the device cheaper? We'll find out soon.

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