The foldable iPhone will get two separate displays

The industry of smartphones is gradually moving in the direction of folding devices. Folding smartphones are beginning to gain a foothold in the market, which Apple also sees. Recently, there were first rumors that Apple is going to release a folding iPhone. Today, a well-known source of leaks, blogger Jon Prosser shared some details about a folding smartphone from Apple that "isn't really folding."

As you can see, the folding prototype of the Apple iPhone has two separate panels connected by a hinged mechanism. Moreover, the design of the prototype resembles the appearance of the iPhone 11 with round stainless steel edges. According to Prosser, the external display has all the components for face identification.


Judging by the leak, Apple's foldable iPhone will be very similar to the LG G8X Dual. Continuing the story, in a subsequent tweet, Prosser claims that in the open state of the device, the two panels look "fairly continuous and seamless.".

At the moment, the main problem with folding screens is that a fairly noticeable fold passes through the bend. The noticeable fold in the middle may not be a pleasant feature for people who have spent more than a thousand dollars on a smartphone. With two separate Apple panels, there is no need to worry about creasing.

Apple's implementation at this stage is just a prototype and is based on a leak, so we cannot be sure that the foldable iPhone will look just like that. Moreover, Apple is unlikely to release a foldable iPhone in the near future. First of all, the technology must be improved before Apple proceeds to its implementation.

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