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iPhone 13 will be easy to distinguish from its predecessor [PHOTOS]

13 April 2021, Tuesday By M. Konwar

The MySmartPrice portal has published three-dimensional renderings of the future iPhone 13 based on the known dimensions and the alleged design of the smartphone. Apparently, the owners of previous models will not be able to pass off their devices as new products, because Apple has prepared several small but noticeable changes.

iPhone 13

According to the presented renderings, the shape of the case of the iPhone 13 will remain unchanged. In addition, the dimensions will be the same — 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.6 mm. However, the front and back of the devices are slightly different: the front will retain the signature cut-out bangs, but it will be noticeably more compact, and the slot for the conversational speaker will move to the very top.

iPhone 13
iPhone 13
iPhone 13
iPhone 13
iPhone 13

On the back side of the iPhone 13, a square block with two cameras in the corner will remain, but the lenses will not be located under each other, but diagonally. Thus, the new model can be immediately distinguished from the previous ones. Apparently, the LiDAR sensor will remain an advantage of the Pro versions.

The new iPhones are expected to have LTPO displays with support for refresh rates up to 120 Hz, a more powerful filling, and slightly improved cameras, especially ultra-wide-angle, but in general, big changes this year should not be expected.

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