HUAWEI beat Samsung and become the largest smartphone maker in the world

In 2018, HUAWEI managed to bypass Apple, approaching its goal of becoming the world's largest smartphone supplier. American sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic made adjustments to the ambitious plans of the Chinese tech giant, but it still managed to achieve what it wanted. The historical event was reported by the research firm Counterpoint Research.


According to a report by Counterpoint Research, in April of this year, HUAWEI for the first time managed to ship more smartphones than any other manufacturer in the world, including Samsung, which has held a leading position for many years. So, the share of the Chinese company for the specified month reached 19%, while the indicator of the South Korean giant was only 17%. However, there is no information about the results for the entire second quarter.

According to experts, it was the coronavirus pandemic that helped HUAWEI bypass Samsung for the first time. The fact is that because of what happened in many key markets around the world in April, stores closed and demand for smartphones noticeably fell, which hit Samsung's sales hard. On the other hand, in China, where the coronavirus was almost overcome, and HUAWEI occupies a leading position, the market has gradually begun to recover.

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