Microsoft will launch a dual-screen Android smartphone in July

Microsoft plans to test devices with two screens on the market, one of which will be the Surface Duo. There are rumors that, contrary to last year's plans of the company, this Android smartphone and tablet in one case will be released earlier than planned. Moreover, Microsoft is trying to get ahead of Samsung, which has focused on smartphones-tablets with a flexible screen.

Samsung became one of the first manufacturers of folding smartphones. While the Galaxy Fold fulfilled some of the industry's dreams, It also left much to be desired in terms of reliability and durability. Microsoft, however, believes that there is another solution to this problem in the form of the old idea of combining two screens into one.

Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to debut on August 5 along with the Galaxy Note 20, and according to Zach Bowden of Windows Central, Microsoft is preparing to get ahead of Samsung. Perhaps the Microsoft event will take place a few days earlier than Unpacked 2020.


"I was told that Microsoft wants to launch the Surface Duo before the Galaxy Fold 2 is introduced. So, before August 5? This day is not far off. Assuming the plans don't change, the Surface Duo should start shipping in less than 2 months," Bowden writes.

The first folding Android smartphone from Microsoft will not have the latest and best hardware at launch. On the other hand, it will definitely not lag behind the small number of competitors, especially if Microsoft manages to invest its experience with two screens in the device. After all, the idea itself goes back a long way, but these attempts have always failed when it comes to hardware and software compatibility.

However, even if Microsoft does announce the Surface Duo before the Galaxy Fold 2, the company will not launch the smartphone immediately. The same leak suggests that it may take two months before the device becomes available to customers.

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