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Samsung reveals its vision for flexible smartphone design

27 November 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Samsung, one of the pioneers of the smartphone market with flexible screens, continues to develop ideas for implementing the original form factor. Images have appeared on the Samsung Display website showing user interaction with devices that, according to the vendor, will be relevant in the coming years.

Samsung Display

In the first sketch, the company introduced a smartphone with a flexible display that can be bent along two lines. Thanks to this, the gadget easily turns into a full-size tablet. Given the impressive list of patents owned by the South Korean company, Samsung may well be developing such a device.

The second picture shows the original form factor of the gadget, which when folded looks like a compact tube with a longitudinal cutout. This is how Samsung presents a roll-up smartphone, the display of which is pulled out of the case. According to insiders, the company is really working on the concept of such a device. However, even the approximate date of the appearance of such smartphones on the market is still unknown.

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