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Insiders named an exclusive feature of the HUAWEI P50 camera

27 November 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

HUAWEI smartphones regularly take the first place in the DxOMark rating, but the company, according to network informants, is not going to stop there. According to another insider report, the next flagship of the brand will receive a noticeable difference from its predecessor in terms of the design of the main module.


Liquid lenses have already found their way into ophthalmology, and in April this year, HUAWEI received a patent for the use of this technology for the cameras of its devices. Its advantage is the fastest focusing speed by industry standards. With traditional solutions, this is achieved by adjusting the distance between the two lenses. Focusing of optics filled with a liquid dielectric medium occurs due to a change in pressure. 

The technological solution patented by HUAWEI will be used to control the liquid lens to meet the autofocus performance requirements. This technology can also take over the image stabilization function when shaking - for example, when shooting handheld. It is expected that the HUAWEI P50 with a new type of main camera module will be presented next year, but the manufacturer itself has not yet revealed details about the upcoming new product. 

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