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OPPO X 2021 - OPPO showed a unique rollable smartphone

17 November 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar

During the special OPPO INNO Day 2020 conference, the Chinese company presented its latest software and hardware developments. The show culminated in a demonstration of the OPPO X 2021 rollable smartphone.

OPPO X 2021

The OPPO X 2021 Concept Phone when folded is no different from a regular smartphone. In this form, it has a slightly curved 6.7-inch OLED display on one edge, and on the back, there is a triple camera unit. However, if necessary, the device can automatically increase in size, stretching in width. At the same time, the screen diagonal increases to 7.4 inches, and the case width increases from 70 to 107 mm.

OPPO X 2021

It is important that "extension" occurs completely automatically. This is done by a pair of motors that evenly push the case itself, and another one that is responsible for moving the screen. The latter has a diameter of 6.8 mm and around it, the OLED panel bends to the backside. According to OPPO, this solution allows you to completely get rid of any visible folds on the display.

Since the flexible screen used does not have a traditional glass coating, therefore, it is not as rigid. To do this, OPPO engineers developed a special metal plate consisting of two halves with a comb structure. When opened, one of the parts moves with the display, providing a solid substrate over the entire area and ensuring that it remains perfectly smooth.

To protect the mechanism and all its internal parts, a special dynamic frame was developed, consisting of an external fixed part and a sliding internal part. Due to this, during the opening of the device, no gaps are formed in the housing, where dust or other particles could get.


During the presentation, it was shown that the device can expand to the desired length depending on the displayed content. For example, the screen can adjust to the aspect ratio of the movie so that there are no black bars at the top and bottom when viewing. In addition, OPPO has redesigned the user interface to adapt to the changing display size.

OPPO X 2021

According to OPPO, when creating the smartphone, 122 company patents were used, 12 of which are related to the mechanism responsible for "stretching" the case.

OPPO X 2021 is positioned as a concept, so nothing is reported about its technical characteristics. It is also not worth waiting for on sale, but commercial devices may well be created on its basis.

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