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OnePlus is going to actively develop the ecosystem of its devices

11 June 2020, Thursday By M. Konwar
Many companies starting with the release of smartphones alone are gradually expanding their assortment with a wide variety of gadgets. OnePlus also intends to take this path. Already in the vendor’s catalog, there are wireless headphones and even smart TVs, but the brand does not intend to dwell on this.

OnePlus TV

Navnit Nakra, vice president and chief development officer for OnePlus India, told TechPP that the company now intends to move away from premium devices by creating an affordable ecosystem. According to him, OnePlus will focus on consumers who want to get high quality at a bargain price, as well as those who, in addition to smartphones alone, are interested in an entire ecosystem of devices.

It is likely that part of the new strategy will be the release of low-cost smart TVs and a relatively affordable smartphone with the assumed name OnePlus Nord or OnePlus Z. In addition, information about the company's first fully wireless headphones was previously published.

Some time ago, there were rumors about smartwatches from OnePlus. It is unclear whether the company plans to release such a gadget. This could be a great addition to the growing ecosystem.
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