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Insiders told about one of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S21

13 November 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

For several months, network informants have periodically noted that in the future, Samsung plans to abandon the production of the Galaxy Note series of smartphones. There is no official confirmation of this yet, but another report from insiders indicates the appearance of an important feature in the Galaxy S21, which was previously available exclusively to owners of another branded line of Android devices.

Galaxy S21

According to the authoritative informant Ice Universe, Galaxy S21 will receive support for the S Pen - previously only models of a separate family of gadgets of the brand could boast of such a function. 

A little later, an insider under the nickname MaxJmb said that unlike the devices of the Note series, the Galaxy S21 stylus will be positioned as an additional accessory,and it will not have a special slot. Users will have to purchase it separately, and it will be attached from the outside, most likely by means of magnets.


Network informants do not exclude Samsung's plans to add stylus support to the third generation of the flexible Galaxy Z Fold smartphone. The presence of two models with an electronic pen at once will presumably allow Samsung to abandon the Note line - however, this version has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer itself. 

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