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Revealed new details of the OnePlus 9 flagship line

09 November 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

According to preliminary data, OnePlus will introduce a new generation of flagship smartphones in the early spring of 2021, but now a new portion of information about new products has become available to insiders. It is expected that the OnePlus 9 series will include three new smartphones with advanced technical characteristics.

OnePlus 9

It seems that all three smartphones in the OnePlus 9 line will be built on the basis of the 5-nanometer Snapdragon 875 platform, which will be presented in early December 2020. Insiders also point to the manufacturer's use of displays with a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

According to a report from one of the network informants who posted a message on the Chinese social network Weibo, OnePlus 9 will receive IP68 water and dust protection. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer plans to equip all devices with support for fast wired charging with a power of up to 65 watts.

By default, OnePlus 9 smartphones will come pre-installed with the Android 11 operating system, Wi-Fi module 6 and support for fifth-generation 5g networks. In internal documents of regulators, according to insiders, the basic version of OnePlus 9 appears under the model number LE2110, but the Pro - modification is represented by three models at once — LE2117, LE2119 and LE2120, which will differ slightly in technical characteristics depending on the sales region. Another new product was also noticed with the number LE2127, information about which is not yet available.

It is expected that the presentation of the flagship oneplus 9 series will take place in March 2021.

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