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Microsoft will force an update to outdated Windows 10 builds

10 November 2020, Tuesday By Elena Arich

Windows 10 updates sometimes bring not only new features, but also various bugs, and therefore users are not always in a hurry to install the next patch. But in the near future, many PC owners will "face" a new version of the desktop OS, regardless of their intentions to upgrade it. 

Windows 10 update

According to the softmaker, about 20% of PCs running Windows 10 are now using OS build 1903 (May 2019), support for which ends on December 8, 2020. In this regard, Microsoft launches a program for forced automatic updates of such devices to a newer version of the operating system after the termination of service to the previous one. 

If hardware or software configuration issues are found during the compatibility check, the November 2019 Update (1909) will be installed. When the next cumulative May patch is released, the computer will be updated automatically again. 

Windows 10 Home users will not be able to avoid the mandatory software upgrade, while the Pro version of the operating system allows the option to postpone it or temporarily disable the corresponding service through Group Policy. 

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