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Apple trimmed charging capabilities for iPhone 12 mini

04 November 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

Preparing for the start of sales, the iPhone 12 mini will be the most compact representative of the brand line. But as it turned out, the device will differ from other models of the updated series of Apple gadgets not only in size. Another change was related to the wireless charging function using the MagSafe accessory.

iPhone 12 mini

On the Apple support page, you can find information about the maximum supported power of the device when using the original accessory with a magnetic mount. According to the manufacturer, for the model with the mini prefix, this value is reduced from 15 to 12 watts. To achieve this, MagSafe must be connected to a power supply with a USB Type-C port with output current characteristics of 9 V/2.03 A. Thus, last year's 18-watt accessory will be suitable for charging the new product.

The manufacturer also notes that the specified charging power may be reduced, as it depends on many factors, including temperature and system activity. On the other hand, due to the lower battery capacity, the iPhone 12 mini is expected to spend about the same time on a full charge as the older representatives of the branded series.

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