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The first flexible HTC smartphone showed on patent images

28 September 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

HTC has not yet introduced its own smartphone with a flexible screen — but judging by the recently published patent, such a solution may soon appear in the manufacturer's portfolio. The documentation that appeared on the web revealed the key design features of the unannounced device, the design of which differs from the gadgets of other brands that have already entered the market.

HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone
HTC smartphone

Judging by the patent images, the display of the original clamshell does not fold inwards, but outwards. At the same time, HTC suggests using a special gear mechanism that controls the amplitude of the display opening. HTC engineers note that this solution will eliminate excessive deformation of the screen and thereby extend its trouble-free operation.

HTC smartphone

The designers of LetsGoDigital, after studying the patent documentation, created a series of realistic renderings that allow you to study the alleged appearance of the HTC device with a flexible display. The company does not provide any technical characteristics of such a gadget, nor does it disclose plans for the release of a flexible smartphone.

Earlier, the CEO of HTC suggested that the company's mobile division will become profitable by 2025.

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