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Future MacBooks may get a glass keyboard

04 July 2020, Saturday By M. Konwar
Apple is constantly improving the keyboard in its laptops, but sometimes there are errors, as shown by the "butterfly" system on the MacBook of recent years. The company has made several changes to regain the support of the users and to some extent coped with this task. Now Apple seems to have new plans for its MacBook keyboards. According to the latest patent, the company seems to be working on glass keys to make them more durable.


The patent was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2019. It mentions that Apple will use transparent glass keys instead of plastic ones. The patent also shows characters printed at the bottom of the keyboard, rather than on the surface. 

Characters printed on the keyboard surface are erased over time. The patent mentions that a backlight will be used to make the characters inside the keys clearly visible. For illumination, two-color or RGB LEDs can be used, which can also change the brightness and color of the keyboard panel.

MacBook keyboard

While the glass keys themselves are a big change, the lighting solution is also notable. Apple's patent focuses on lighting the entire key, not just the symbol. Apple files many patents, and it is not known when the company will decide to implement a specific technology.

It will take years to develop the technology mentioned in the patent if Apple is not already working on it. Most likely, the company will not be able to introduce it in the next generation of MacBooks.
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