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The main disadvantages of new Macs with M1 processors

11 November 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

Yesterday, Apple unveiled its first MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as Mac mini. All these devices were united by a hardware platform - they are based on the proprietary Apple M1 processor. Soon after the presentation, the journalists got acquainted with the new products in more detail - and named two tangible shortcomings of the models based on the promising chip.

IO ports

As it turned out, none of the currently presented gadgets on the Apple M1 platform supports connecting external video cards (eGPU) using the Thunderbolt interface. Previously, the owners of "Macs" used this method to increase the graphic performance of branded equipment. In addition, the maximum supported amount of RAM for new models does not exceed 16 GB.

Thus, users who are interested in processing heavy videos, rendering, or running games will have to rely solely on the base power of the platform, since it does not include the possibility of an upgrade. After the publication of the technical specifications on the official website of the company, it also became known that the MacBook Pro presented on the eve with a 13-inch display on the M1 chip is equipped with only two USB Type-C ports, while the Intel version of the laptop has four of them. 

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