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Apple patented a fully customizable mechanical keyboard

28 September 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

Choosing a universal "mechanism" for all occasions is not easy — buying such an accessory, you have to compromise between the noise level and comfortable tactile feedback. Apple engineers decided to solve this problem — the next development of the company was a keyboard with the ability to change the pressing force and noise level of each key, without resorting to a screwdriver and soldering iron.

Apple mechanical keyboard

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application from Apple describing the design of a smart keyboard with customizable settings such as pressure, tactile response, and audible feedback. According to the document, the accessory can provide users with a choice of two presets (for example, for playing and typing), as well as a fine manual customization option. The setting, according to the document, will be done using proprietary software, which will set the necessary parameters to the drives of the mechanical switches.

In particular, the company is demonstrating a mechanism for switches, each of which can be configured individually or in groups to provide different types of feedback for individual keys. For example, a user may require stronger tactile feedback for keys that are typically operated with the index or middle fingers, and weaker for those under the little finger. The same applies to the characteristic pressing sound, which the owner of the accessory can change by adjusting the key actuators.

Apple mechanical keyboard patent

Another patent of the company involves the implementation of tactile feedback using a technology based on the resistance of the mechanism in proportion to the force of pressing the keycap. The developers did not disclose the estimated date of the announcement and the price of the original keyboard. 

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