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Intel received a license to continue trading with HUAWEI

24 September 2020, Thursday By M. Konwar

The Chinese company HUAWEI was included in the US blacklist last year, which prohibited American companies from selling their products to a Chinese manufacturer. But Intel recently received a license from the US government to continue supplying certain products to the Chinese tech giant. 


This is explained by the fact that the ban imposed by the US administration implies the possibility of submitting applications from local manufacturers for cooperation with HUAWEI, which will be considered in a separate order. This is how Intel received permission to supply products to the Chinese company. Presumably we are talking about processors for laptops, although the manufacturer's portfolio includes other solutions, including Wi-Fi modules and various controllers.

Representatives of HUAWEI also said that Qualcomm, which has long been negotiating with the US government, is currently awaiting the corresponding approval. In case of a positive decision, the Chinese vendor will start purchasing mobile processors, since it is no longer able to produce its own Kirin chips - from September 15, the Taiwanese contract chip manufacturer TSMC will cease cooperation with the company. 

Additionally, online sources report AMD filing for more than one license. South Korean chip maker SK Hynix has also sought to reopen cooperation with HUAWEI, but has not received the required license. 

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