Redmi AX5 - Redmi released a budget router with Wi-Fi 6 support

The range of branded Redmi gadgets has been expanded by a router called Redmi AX5. In addition to high performance and support for the current Wi-Fi 6 standard, the device is notable for its affordable price and the presence of a neural computing unit (NPU) for hardware acceleration.

Redmi AX5

The new product with four mobile antennas is notable for the high speed of wireless connection: the stated "ceiling" of the model's bandwidth is 1775 Mbit/s. According to the manufacturer, it takes 8 seconds for the device to download a full-length movie with 1080p picture quality.

Redmi AX5 is based on a five-core Qualcomm processor (1.2 GHz), manufactured using a 14-nm process. Among the features of the device-support for Mesh Networking and Mixed Networking technologies, which allows you to use it in the same network with other Wi-Fi 6 routers Xiaomi (Mi Router AX1800 and Mi AIoT Router AX3600).

In total, the new product is able to "hold" up to 128 devices in access point mode. You can configure your home network either via the web interface or using the company's mobile app.

The cost of the Redmi AX5 in China is $32.

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