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TSMC announced the first customer for 3-nanometer processors

28 August 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

In recent years, Apple and HUAWEI were the first to introduce processors with the most advanced technology. For example, both companies are expected to announce the world's first 5-nanometer chipsets in early September. As it turned out, the title of industry leader may soon go to a completely unexpected player.


TSMC recently spoke about plans for the coming years, according to which processors with an improved 5-nanometer process technology are waiting for us in 2021, and chips made according to 4-nanometer and 3-nanometer standards in 2022. It was assumed that the future Apple A16 would be the first 3-nanometer product, but suddenly TSMC announced that the first customer of such technology was the British startup Graphcore. This is a young company that appeared just four years ago and specializes in the development of chips in the field of artificial intelligence.


Since its founding, Graphcore has created several chips for machine intelligence, accelerating machine learning and AI applications. Its first product was the 16nm Colossus MK1 IPU chip, and most recently it introduced the new 7nm Colossus MK2 IPU processor. The transition to a more precise technical process allowed to increase the number of transistors from 23.6 billion to 59.4 billion. 

According to the Graphcore roadmap, the company will "skip" the 5nm process technology, intending to release the 3nm chip right away. Details about it are currently kept secret. 

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