An insider from China spoke about the cost of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

The announcement of the new NVIDIA video cards is not far away: the event is scheduled for September 1. The "green" giant promises gamers a new era, but it seems that the new era will cost users a lot of money. An insider from the Chinese portal ChipHell shared the price of the top video card from this line. And from it, you can only whistle in surprise.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

The screenshot sheds light on the plans of NVIDIA AIB Colorful partners. According to this data, Colorful is going to release the RTX 3090 in two variations: air-cooled and hybrid. The estimated price will be 13,999 and 12,999 yuan, which is equivalent to two thousand dollars.

Although the information may turn out to be a fake, it is not difficult to believe in such a price tag: the cost of the most powerful RTX 2080 Ti at the moment is about Rs.111,500. Thus, the "new era" of the gaming industry and the truth may not be affordable for many fans of video games. Anyway, we'll know the truth in a couple of weeks.

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