Samsung has significantly improved its 7-nm process technology

Samsung has repeatedly emphasized its interest in mastering the 5-nm process technology. For this purpose, a specialized factory will be built that can meet the growing demand of the South Korean company. As it became known, Samsung was able to achieve significant success in the production of 7-nm chips, increasing the speed of data transfer, and improving energy efficiency due to a more compact 3D-stacking.

According to Samsung, mass production of the next-generation 5-nm chip has already started. This does not mean that the South Korean company will not work to improve the existing technical process. As it became known, Samsung has succeeded in applying the technology of 3D stacking of 7-nm chips based on Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV).

Samsung Exynos

Samsung calls the new technology eXtended-Cube or X-Cube: the company places SRAM on top of the logic matrix, using small holes to connect layers on the chips via silicon adapters (TSV). This layout takes up less space, reduces power consumption, and increases data transfer speed.

It is not yet known in which product Samsung plans to use the new technology. It is likely that this could be one of the chips for Galaxy S series smartphones.

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