Intel announced its first gaming graphics cards with GDDR6 and ray tracing

During the Architecture Day 2020 conference, Intel held a large-scale presentation of its new products and related developments. One of the main events of the event was the announcement of the Xe graphics architecture, which will be used to create the vendor's own video cards. The head of the graphics division of Intel, Raja Koduri, spoke in detail about the gaming line of branded video cards.

Xe graphics architecture

According to the top manager,  the gaming series of Intel Xe HPG graphics adapters will go on sale in 2021. Unlike server solutions, they will get GDDR6 video memory and use one chip, while professional models for data centers will acquire several crystals on one substrate (MCM).

The company does not disclose detailed technical characteristics of the new products, but, according to network informants, the clock frequency of the video core of the older models will be 1.5 GHz, and the performance with 512 execution units will be about 12.2 teraflops. Such specifications, if confirmed, will provide graphics adapters with support for 4K gaming (at the level of Xbox Series X consoles). 

Another important feature of the "blue" GPU will be hardware support for ray tracing technology, already officially announced by the company. It is noteworthy that the graphics chips will not be produced by the vendor's own resources but at the factories of a third-party contractor (probably, we are talking about TSMC) using a 7-nm process technology that Intel has not yet mastered. Server models will be produced using 10-nm technology at the "home" factory.

The exact release date and prices of Intel video game cards will be announced by the manufacturer later.

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