HUAWEI will start manufacturing Kirin processors from scratch

Due to US sanctions, HUAWEI recently announced that it would no longer produce Kirin branded processors at the factories of Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC. However, according to network sources, the company will not be limited to changing the supplier: the network has information about the readiness of the technology giant to start the "home" production of mobile platforms - even if the work will have to start from scratch.

Weibo snapshot

A post by an industry insider appeared on the social network Weibo, referring to the company's management statement during the China Information 2020 summit. According to the informant, the head of HUAWEI's consumer business department, Yu Chengdong, spoke at the event about the company's new initiative called the Tashan Project, which implies the construction of its own assembly line for the production of 45-nm chips in 2021 without the use of American technologies. This is expected to be the first step in HUAWEI's transition to producing branded mobile platforms on its own.

As part of the "Tashan project", the company intends to build a factory for the production of chips that will not use sanctioned equipment and materials, and the supply chain of semiconductor products will become independent and manageable. In parallel, the vendor is considering cooperation with Chinese companies to create a line for the production of 28-nm products, using only the opportunities of the domestic market.

It is not yet known how long it will take the vendor to start production of Kirin branded processors that meet the requirements for modern flagship chips.

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