HUAWEI discontinues production of Kirin processors for smartphones

Recently, analysts reported on the growth in popularity of HUAWEI smartphones, which have displaced even the "powerful" iPhones at home. But it seems that soon the Chinese tech giant will have to face production difficulties: the company announced the end of production of its own line of mobile processors and named the latest smartphone model based on the proprietary chip.

Kirin smartphone processors

According to Chinese sources, during yesterday's China Information Technology Hundreds Conference 2020, Huawei Business Group CEO Yu Chengdong announced the discontinuation of the Kirin line of branded processors after September 15, 2020. The reason for this step was the next US sanctions prohibiting the TSMC chipmaker from supplying its products to the Chinese company. The vendor has already confirmed that the last smartphone with it's "own" mobile platform will be the HUAWEI Mate 40 based on Kirin 1020.

Earlier, industry analysts assumed that HUAWEI would diversify its chip production, taking advantage of the capacity of a large Chinese company, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC). But according to the latest data, this initiative was also unsuccessful. According to rumors, Qualcomm will try to get a license to trade with HUAWEI next year - otherwise, the brand's new flagship will probably be presented with a MediaTek processor.

The announcement of the Kirin 1020 mobile chip and Huawei Mate 40 smartphones is expected in September this year.

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