Sega has released a tiny Game Gear Micro console

Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary by introducing the Game Gear Micro in Japan, a console so small that it's hard to believe it works.

The palm-sized Game Gear Micro will cost customers 4,980 yen (about $45) and will be available on sale from October 6. The device comes with a small 1.15-inch screen and different color cases, including blue, yellow, red, and standard black. The devices of each color have different games, so Sega is probably hoping that fans of the brand will buy more than one version of the tiny console.

Game Gear Micro

If the user decides to buy all four colors of the Game Gear Micro, which are available in one set for 27,255 yen (about $250), they will get a Big Window Micro lens, which is attached to the console to make the screen bigger and more convenient.

Game Gear Micro is powered by two AAA batteries or a USB cable and even has a headphone jack. It also ensures the preservation of games, which means that you can delay the passage of the most difficult parts to a more convenient time.

Here's what users will get depending on which model they buy:

  • The black model comes with Sonic The Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo 2, Out Run, and Royal Stone. 
  • The blue model includes Sonic Chaos, Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tale, and Baku Baku Animal.
  • The yellow model allows you to play Shining Force Gaiden: Ensei - Jashin no Kuni he, Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya, Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict and Nazopuyo Aruru no Ru.
  • Finally, the red model includes Revelations: The Demon Slayer, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special, The GG Shinobi, and Columns.

Game Gear Micro

The Genesis Mini Sega, which was released last year, was well-received by fans of retro games and was a successful implementation of the miniature version of the iconic 16-bit console. It is now clear that this was not a small enough implementation. Sega's Genesis Mini looks like a giant compared to the new Game Gear Micro.

Even though the Game Gear Micro mocks players' vision, there's something incredibly enticing about owning such a small piece of Sega history. This is not only an ideal collectible item, but also an opportunity to play cult games at any convenient time.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that Sega will release the console in other countries. However, if it turns out to be popular in Japan, and there is a demand for it, perhaps users in other countries will also be able to play squinting into a tiny version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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