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AMD has introduced new processors for budget laptops

05 August 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

AMD has announced a new family of hybrid processors for entry-level laptops. Available chips, allocated by the manufacturer in a separate series, are built on the basis of the Zen architecture, equipped with built-in Radeon Vega graphics and are aimed at use in low-cost portable PCs.

AMD processors list

AMD 3015e and 3020e are 14nm dual-core chips with 6W TDP and high declared energy efficiency. The AMD 3015e processor with a base frequency of 1.2 GHz (2.3 GHz in Boost mode) has four execution threads, supports single-channel DDR4 memory (1600 MHz), and is equipped with integrated Radeon Vega 3 graphics (600 MHz). 

AMD 3020e lacks multi-threading, while its maximum clock speed is 2.6 GHz, and the integrated graphics accelerator is overclocked to 1000 MHz. In addition, the processor supports dual-channel DDR4-2400 memory. Both new products received 1 MB of L2 cache and 4 MB of L3 cache. 

The first laptops based on budget chips will be the Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen and Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen. Both models will receive an AMD 3015e processor and will go on sale next month for $219 and $299, respectively. 

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