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DDR5 RAM for gamers will be overclocked to 10,000 MHz

16 April 2021, Friday By M. Konwar

Chinese manufacturer Netac has announced RAM modules with a record clock speed. Representatives of the company said that they have already started developing the next generation of components for gamers, and revealed some of the characteristics of the upcoming new products.

DDR5 RAM for gamers

According to the source, the vendor has already received Micron memory chips with the part number IFA45 Z9ZSB. The volume of one module, designed to work with CL40 timings, is 8 GB, the size of the chips is 11x9 mm. Netac said it will offer customers turnkey solutions at 10,000 MHz, double the standard's nominal performance.

According to experts, such an increase in performance with a proper cooling system is quite possible. For example, some DDR4 chips have previously been overclocked to 6000 or more megahertz. In addition, DDR5 memory offers significantly more voltage regulation options thanks to a redesigned power management scheme that can handle voltages in excess of 2.6 volts.

The release date and price of the announced new generation components have not yet been announced.

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