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The first details of Samsung's 600-megapixel camera revealed

05 December 2020, Saturday By M. Konwar

At the beginning of the year, Samsung representatives officially announced the development of a 600-megapixel camera sensor. This is more than the resolution of the human eye, which scientists estimate is 500 megapixels. Now the first details about such a sensor have appeared on the network. 

The first details of Samsung's 600-megapixel camera revealed

Details about the sensor were provided by a well-known Ice universe insider. In this case, it is more about assumptions based on the information currently available. All calculations were made taking into account the fact that the 600-megapixel sensor will receive pixels of 0.8 microns in size - as in the current 108-megapixel sensors. In this case, the sensor size will be 1/0. 57 inches, which is more than twice the size of 108-megapixel counterparts (1/1. 3 inches).

For a sensor of this large size, you will also need an appropriate lens. As a result, the camera block should protrude from the smartphone case with a thickness of 8.8 mm by about 13 mm. It is possible that to solve this problem, Samsung may resort to using a retractable lens, as in "large" cameras. A similar technology was recently demonstrated by Xiaomi. In addition, the camera alone at this size will take up about 12% of the area of the back cover.

So far, there is no confirmation of the words of insiders. Perhaps Samsung will find a solution to all of the above problems and still be able to fit a 600-megapixel sensor in the smartphone case. It is also worth noting that initially such a camera can appear in drones and smart cars, and only then get to mobile equipment.

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