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HUAWEI showed a unique feature of its flagship processor

04 December 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

The new 5-nm Kirin 9000 processor installed in the flagship smartphones of the Mate 40 series boasts not only high performance. HUAWEI has announced a unique feature of its chipset that allows you to significantly improve the quality of content.

Mate 40 series image quality

The image shows how AI Video Super Resolution technology works. On the left, you can see the original image, presented in 540P resolution. By modern standards, this is extremely small. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, Kirin 9000 is able to significantly improve video to 1080p (Full HD). This makes the image much clearer and more detailed.

It is reported that HUAWEI technology can improve even videos of even worse quality with a resolution of 360p and even 270p. In addition, the algorithm can also detect faces in the video and perform partial image optimization to achieve an improved result.

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