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TSMC clarified the timing of the appearance of 3nm processors

28 November 2020, Saturday By M. Konwar

Today, there are only two manufacturers that can produce chips according to the standards of the 5-nanometer process — Samsung and TSMC. More recently, it became known about the timing of the transition of both companies to a more advanced 3-nanometer technological process.


According to a new report, Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC will begin mass production of 3-nanometer (N3) chips in the second half of 2022. At the same time, the monthly production capacity will be 55,000 units, and the number of employees of the research center will grow from 15,000 to 20,000. In addition, it is indicated that chips made according to 3-nanometer standards will receive minor advantages compared to 5-nanometer ones.

So, the performance will improve by only 1.1-1.15 times, and the power consumption will decrease by 1.25-1.3 times. The manufacturer specifies that this applies to the N5, not the N5P. Compared to the 7-nanometer process, the N3 performance will increase by 1.25-1.35 times while reducing consumption by 1.55-1.6 times. According to official information, the TSMC N3 process will be based on FinFET transistors, while Samsung says it will switch to using the GAA FET structure in the production of 3-nanometer chips.

The South Korean manufacturer says mass production of 3-nanometer chips will start in 2022 — this should allow the semiconductor giant to catch up with TSMC. To this end, Samsung has invested $116 billion in the next-generation chip manufacturing business. In addition, Samsung is working on 4-nanometer technology.

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