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MediaTek purchases Intel Enpirion Power Solutions division for $85 million

17 November 2020, Tuesday By Elena Arich

A major manufacturer of mobile platforms MediaTek announced the purchase of a division of Intel called Enpirion Power Solutions, which specializes in the production of power management controllers for electronic devices. The deal, which was valued at $85 million, is expected to be completed by the end of the year, and will strengthen the chipmaker's position in the mobile market, allowing it to expand its range of branded products.


According to industry analysts, by absorbing Intel Enpirion Power Solutions, the Taiwanese company will be able to equip its mobile platforms, FPGAs, integrated circuits, and other products with high-performance power solutions.

MediaTek management, in turn, is convinced that the acquisition of such a significant division of Intel will help strengthen the competitiveness and efficiency of the entire company's business. According to insiders, another reason for MediaTek's interest in improving its own power management controllers was the receipt of a large order from Google to integrate the Intel Enpirion product line.

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