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Samsung has introduced the advanced Exynos 1080 processor for smartphones

12 November 2020, Thursday By M. Konwar

As planned, Samsung held a presentation of the new Exynos 1080 mobile processor in China. It is made using the advanced process technology and includes the latest cores and graphics from ARM. But the most interesting thing is that this is a mid-level model.

Exynos 1080 mobile processor

Samsung Exynos 1080 is built on a 5-nanometer process technology. The chipset includes a central processing unit with four powerful Cortex-A78 cores clocked at up to 2.8 GHz and four energy efficient Cortex-A55 cores, as well as a ten-core Mali-G78 GPU. According to the company, in comparison with the Exynos 980, performance per core has increased by 50%, and in multi-core mode - by 100%. Additionally, it is reported to improve energy efficiency by 10% through the use of a new proprietary Amigo algorithm. 

The processor supports screens with a refresh rate of 144 Hz at Full HD+ or 90 Hz at WQHD+, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 drives, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6. The Built-in 5G modem allows data transfer at speeds up to 5.1 Gbps. In addition, the Exynos 1080 can work with cameras up to 200MP and supports 4K video recording at 60fps and HDR10+. 

During the presentation, Samsung representatives confirmed that the Exynos 1080 processor will appear in vivo smartphones in 2021. Assumed to be X60 series models. 

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