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ARM unveils new high-performance Cortex-A78C core

04 November 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

In May of this year, ARM introduced a new Cortex-A78 core, made using a 5-nm process technology, which formed the basis of chips for flagship gadgets. Then the manufacturer showed Cortex-A78AE for car computers, and finally announced the release of an improved A78C core for gaming and professional devices.


According to the chipmaker, the modified Cortex-A78C core combines all the best qualities of the first two models of the line. The ability to use up to eight new cores in the processor, combined with an increased L3 cache of up to 8 MB, will provide the multithreaded performance required for demanding workloads and applications with AR or VR support.


"The new Cortex-A78C features provide the performance, scalability, and security needed for the next generation of mobile devices. This allows you to play on the go and work all day long," the ARM website says.

In addition, the kernel has received updated security instructions. One of the key features is Pointer Authentication (PAC), which significantly reduces exploits and prevents attackers from taking control of device software. 


According to ARM, processors based on the new Cortex-A78C core are optimal for portable devices of professional and corporate level, as well as for gaming laptops and headsets. The date of the first turnkey solutions based on the new cores will be announced later.
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