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First details of 14th Gen Intel Core processors revealed

02 November 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

To date, the newest Intel processors are considered to be the 11th generation Core chips. However, information has already appeared on the network about the 14th generation, codenamed Lunar Lake. In addition, insiders also talked about the upcoming Iris Xe GPUs. 

14th generation Intel Lunar Lake

It is reported that the processors of the 14th generation Intel Lunar Lake will be released after Meteor Lake, which is scheduled for release in 2022-2023. There are no exact technical specifications, but there is information that the chips will support the new LGA1700 platform, which will also run the processors of the previous two generations: Alder Lake and Meteor Lake. 

14th generation Intel Lunar Lake

Intel did not have time to introduce a discrete Iris Xe Max graphics card based on the DG1 GPU, as insiders are already reporting on its successor, codenamed DG2, which should be released in 2021. Moreover, the company has already started working on DG3, information about which is not yet available, except for confirmation of its existence.

Intel Xe Graphics Architecture

Additionally, it was reported that Intel has taken on the next generation of accelerators for data centers based on the Xe-HP architecture. It is reported that in 2021 the company will release 12th generation GPUs codenamed Arctic Sound, which will combine four crystals with 2048 computing units in a maximum configuration and processing power up to 42 teraflops on one substrate. In the future, they will be replaced by the 13th generation, codenamed Jupiter Sound, but the exact release date is unknown. 

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