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Apple is rapidly losing its TWS headphone market

28 August 2020, Friday By M. Konwar

Apple wasn't the first company to release fully wireless headphones, but it was its AirPods that completely turned the market around, making such devices mass-market. Moreover, Apple headphones are considered the most popular in the world. However, a recent report by Counterpoint Research indicates that the American company has begun to rapidly lose its position.

Apple AirPods Pro

In 2019, Apple accounted for about 50% of sales of all TWS headphones. According to analysts' forecasts, this year the company's sales will grow from 61 million to about 82 million headsets - by more than 30%. However, now the AirPods market share has dropped dramatically - from about 50% to 35%. The main reason for the Counterpoint Research experts is the pressure from the Chinese manufacturers, producing fairly affordable models.  

The report says that Xiaomi is now the second-largest manufacturer of TWS headphones with a 10 percent market share. Samsung is in third place with 6%.  

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

According to analysts, positive feedback on the new  Galaxy Buds Live will help Samsung strengthen its position. The South Korean company's wireless headphone sales are expected to grow to 17 million units this year, up from 8 million in 2019 - more than 100%. It's worth noting that Samsung's latest earbuds cost $170, while the official price for AirPods Pro is $250.

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