HUAWEI FreeLace Pro: Active Noise Cancellation and 24-Hour Battery Life

Together with the new laptops, HUAWEI introduced the FreeLace Pro wireless headphones. They are equipped with a neck mount, support active noise cancellation, fast charging, the ability to connect to two devices at once, and are able to work on a single charge for a whole day.

Huawei FreeLace Pro

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is equipped with sufficiently large 14 mm drivers, an additional sound tube for low-frequency amplification, and a system of three microphones (external and internal) for dual active noise reduction. The maximum noise suppression is stated to be up to 40 dB. It is worth noting that this model is the first among the headphones in China to receive an A-level noise reduction certificate. If necessary, the user can touch the left earpiece to activate the "transparent" mode, which allows you to hear external sounds.

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro

Thanks to the built-in port, the headphones can be directly charged from smartphones with a USB Type-C connector. The manufacturer claims that just five minutes of such charging provides five hours of listening to music. When fully charged, you can expect up to 24 hours of battery life or up to 16 hours with noise cancellation enabled.

The headphones support simultaneous connection to two devices at once. To switch between the active audio source, simply double-click the power button. For gamers, there is a special game mode with a reduced delay.

The HUAWEI FreeLace Pro will go on sale on September 4 at a price of about $87.

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