Tronsmart Apollo Bold: 10 hours of music and hybrid noise reduction

Fully wireless headphones allow you to listen to music with special comfort, forgetting about the clinging and ever-tangled cables. However, they have one serious drawback - a strong limited working time. The new Apollo Bold model from Tronsmart offers an impressive 10 hours of listening to music without charging for this class of devices. It also supports active noise reduction.

Apollo Bold

Tronsmart Apolo Bold is based on the flagship Qualcomm QCC5124 processor with support for hybrid noise reduction technology. Six microphones installed in the headphones allow you to capture low-and high-frequency sound. Thanks to this, the noise reduction reaches a level of 35 dB. The sound quality increases not only when listening to music in noisy places, but also during phone conversations.

Another feature of the new product is the technology of synchronous signal transmission TrueWireless Stereo Plus. Most TWS headphones connect to a smartphone in series when the signal is first sent to the main earbud and then sent to the second, causing a delay in the sound. In the case of Tronsmart Apolo Bold, music is fed to the right and left earphones simultaneously.

Tronsmart Apolo Bold uses graphene drivers. Support for the aptX audio codec when using a compatible signal source reduces the loss of wireless transmission, which provides better sound. Another feature of the model is the laser LDS antenna, which provides a more stable connection and a larger communication radius.

Tronsmart Apolo Bold

The headphones themselves can provide up to 10 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. Taking into account charging from the case, the total autonomy reaches 30 hours. Fast charging is also supported - after 10 minutes of charging, Apolo Bold will work for 1 hour.

The headphones are controlled using touch panels on each tab. This way you can switch tracks, adjust the volume, control playback, call the voice assistant, and accept or reject incoming calls. If you remove the accessory from your ear, music playback automatically pauses. The proprietary mobile app allows you to update Apolo Bold and customize the equalizer.

In the near future, Tronsmart Apolo Bold will go on sale. The cost at the start will be $99.99.

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