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Cowon introduced long-playing TWS headphones CT12

15 December 2020, Tuesday By M. Konwar

Cowon has announced the launch of CT12 TWS headphones. They are interesting not only for their increased moisture resistance but also for their long battery life. The gadget also has touch controls and two microphones for effective noise cancellation.

Cowon CT12

According to the manufacturer, Cowon CT12 headphones are able to demonstrate battery life for up to 12 hours. When used alternately, their charge will last for 94 hours. A 9mm driver is installed inside each earbud, providing balanced sound across the entire frequency range.

To control the playlist and answer phone calls, the CT12 offers touch-sensitive keys with sensitivity tuned to avoid accidental presses. The headphones received an energy-efficient version of Bluetooth 5.0, which provides stable sound reception at a distance of up to 40 meters from the source.

Cowon CT12 can be used in both mono and stereo mode. Also, the new product is equipped with two microphones, which are used for effective noise reduction during telephone conversations. Finally, the manufacturer has taken care of good moisture protection of the device: the headphones are not afraid of dust, water, high humidity, and direct contact with water.

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