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DxOMark experts have started evaluating the sound of wireless speakers

05 November 2020, Thursday By Elena Arich
An important announcement of the DxOMark portal was the announcement of the beginning of testing a completely new type of device-wireless speakers. They are very popular, but it is impossible to evaluate the sound quality when ordering online. Even in the store, it is not always possible to listen to the speaker properly before buying. Therefore, the DxOMark experts decided to help users.


It is worth noting that DxOMark already has experience in sound evaluation, because a year ago the portal opened its own audio laboratory, starting to evaluate the sound of smartphones. Experts will evaluate speakers from a wide variety of manufacturers and price categories that run on battery or network power, but support wireless music transmission. This way users can find out the pros and cons of a particular device.

For testing the speakers, a special protocol was developed that takes into account both subjective perception of sound and objective measurements made in the laboratory using professional equipment such as sound level meters and calibrated microphones. The room where the measurements are taken is lined with fiberglass blocks on all sides, which completely eliminates echo and all distortions. The devices connect to a smartphone via Apple AirPlay or Google Cast. If none of these standards are supported, then the manufacturer's own protocol is used, or at least Bluetooth. 

DxOMark laboratory

Since all people use speakers differently at home, when subjectively evaluating them, DxOMark employees will conduct tests in simulated real-world conditions: for example, in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen, which were equipped in a specially designed apartment. In addition, it takes into account the placement of the speaker in the room, the room itself, ambient noise, the type of content being played, the volume and location of the listener relative to the sound source.

As usual, different criteria will be evaluated during testing, and as a result, each device will be assigned an overall rating.

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