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Alleged Apple AirPods 3 shown in "spy" images

05 November 2020, Thursday By Elena Arich

Despite the predictions of analysts about the postponement of the release of the new Apple AirPods 3 headset to the end of 2021, network informants have already published photos that allegedly depict the upcoming gadget of the brand. The images allow us to draw some conclusions related to the design of the accessory — it seems that the base model will acquire the characteristic features of its Pro version.

Apple AirPods 3

If the image that appeared on the network is really AirPods 3, then we can conclude that the design of the new product is similar to the current flagship model AirPods Pro, but in a smaller case. Chinese insiders also showed an X-ray of the headphones placed in a complete charging case.

Apple AirPods 3

Judging by the photo, the accessory will be significantly smaller than the AirPods Pro. Such information has been repeatedly published by authoritative insiders, noting that Apple is not only actively working on expanding the functionality of AirPods 3, but is also interested in reducing the size of compact speakers while maintaining its battery life at the level of its predecessors. 

Apple AirPods 3

There is no information about the presence of the active noise cancellation function in AirPods 3, as well as the estimated cost of the new item is not indicated. For comparison, Apple priced AirPods 2 with a complete charging case at $199. 

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