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Realme presented the world's first 4K TV based on a SLED matrix

28 September 2020, Monday By M. Konwar

Realme has introduced an original model of the branded TV equipped with a SLED matrix. The new product is notable not only for its wide color range, but also for the original type of illumination, which, according to the vendor, can significantly reduce the effect of eye fatigue even when viewing content for many hours.

realme SLED

Developers are positioning SLED technology as an alternative to quantum dot displays (QLED). In the backlight systems of most modern LED-matrices, blue LEDs are used, the light of which turns into white through special filters. The new product, in turn, has acquired a set of red, green, and blue elements (RGB). 

realme SLED TV

According to company representatives, this approach allowed expanding the coverage of the NTSC color gamut to 108% and significantly reduce the intensity of the emitted blue spectrum, and at the same time the load on the user's eyes during prolonged TV viewing. The company's first SLED TV received a 55-inch matrix with 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels). 

Detailed technical specifications, the start date of sales, and the price of the new product will be announced by the manufacturer later.

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