Amazon introduced a flying surveillance camera

In recent years, it has become popular to install a camera at home that can record in the absence of the owner. But what if the apartment is large? Some just buy multiple cameras. Amazon's Ring has come up with a much more interesting solution. They created a flying camera capable of patrolling a home in a fully autonomous mode. 

Amazon Ring

Ring Always Home Cam is a flying drone equipped with a camera. It is stored in a small docking station used to charge the drone. At the first start, the device scans the entire dwelling to build its map. After that, the user can set a route to patrol the area. The drone is capable of taking off at the specified time or if the alarm is triggered.

The founder of Ring and the main inventor of Always Home Cam said that the development of the gadget took several years. Having finished flying around the territory, the drone returns to the docking station, where charging takes place. Shooting is performed only in flight mode. The drone is equipped with collision avoidance technology, as well as closed propellers. This will reduce damage in the event of a fall and protect pets from rotating blades.

Always Home Cam will be useful for those who constantly forget to turn off the iron, stove and other household appliances. Now they can make sure that the house is completely safe, or vice versa - take the necessary steps to save it. When a robber or any other danger is detected, the camera broadcasts an image to the owner's smartphone.  

The device will go on sale in 2021 for $250. 
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