Microsoft announced the exact size and weight of the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles

The next-generation consoles will go on sale very soon, so it's time for gamers to free up space at TVs and monitors. Microsoft decided to help Xbox fans in this matter and presented the exact dimensions of their gaming systems. The information appeared along with other features on separate Xbox Series X and S pages.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft recently sent console layouts to media and bloggers, so gamers already had an idea of the size of the NextGen. The manufacturer's measurements differ only slightly from the information provided by the influencers: the dimensions of the Xbox Series X are 15.1 x 15.1 x 30.1 cm, and the Series S is 6.5 x 15, x 27.5 cm. In addition, the company named the weight of gaming systems: the older model weighs 4.5 kg and the younger-only 2 kg.

The release of the Xbox Series X and S will take place on November 10, and pre-orders will open on September 22. The flagship model will cost $499, while the budget version will cost $299. Microsoft will also provide installments for the purchase of new consoles along with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

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