Bose introduced three new models of musical glasses

Bose, which specializes in the production of audio equipment, has added three models to the Frames brand line of glasses: Tenor, Tempo, and Soprano. Each of the new products differs in the shape of the frame and the color of the tinted glass, and all of them are equipped with built-in speakers, as well as touch panels for controlling the playlist.

All three new items received two built-in microphones for use as a headset when pairing with a smartphone. The claimed battery life of the models called Soprano and Tenor is up to 5.5 hours of music playback on a single charge. Both accessories, equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 modules, received shock-resistant and scratch-resistant lenses that can be replaced with glasses with a different tint if desired. 

Bose tenor
Bose soprano

Bose Tempo glasses are positioned as a sports accessory, equipped with spring loops and ergonomic shackles, and come with three pairs of nose pads. The glasses received a battery with the promised battery life of up to 8 hours and 22-mm wideband drivers, the volume of which allows you to hear music while Cycling, even at high speed.

All three new items from the brand went on sale at the same price and will cost customers $249. 

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