Expensive Sony cameras can now be used for video conferences

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have switched to remote work, but the need to communicate with colleagues has not gone away. Most often, video communication services like Zoom or Skype are used for this. However, not everyone has a webcam on their home computers. To solve this problem, Sony has released a special program that allows you to use the company's cameras for video conferencing. 

Sony camera

Most often on sale, you can find inexpensive webcams with several megapixels, the video quality of which leaves much to be desired. And here a home DSLR is ready to come to the rescue, which lies idle. For this, Sony has released a special application Imaging Edge Webcam, it can be downloaded for free in the company store on Windows 10. The support for macOS is not yet known.

The connection process is as simple as possible, but it can vary depending on the device. Just in case, Sony invites you to read the detailed instructions on its website. There you can also download the program itself by selecting one of the supported cameras:

supported cameras list

The complete list includes many popular models from recent years. This will allow their owners to save money on the purchase of a webcam and please their interlocutors with a high-quality picture. 

Source: Sony
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