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Xiaomi's two-chamber refrigerator was priced at $129

12 August 2020, Wednesday By M. Konwar

Xiaomi has added a new model to the range of refrigerators that come out under the Mijia brand. The two-door kitchen appliance is notable not only for its compact dimensions but also for its price - it has become the most affordable solution in the current vendor line.

refrigerator Xiaomi

The volume of the refrigerator compartment of the device is 85 liters, and the freezer compartment is 33 liters. In the room or in the kitchen, the new product occupies only 0.25 square meters of space, and its dimensions are 480 x 527 x 1137 mm. If desired, the owner can also combine the height of the shelves.

Xiaomi refrigerator

According to Xiaomi, the maximum noise level during the operation of the device's compressor does not exceed 36 dB, and the gadget consumes no more than 0.49 kWh per day. A special feature of the model is the presence of a special evaporator in the freezer compartment, which can reduce the formation of ice when the contents are sharply cooled. All internal elements of the refrigerator are made of materials suitable for contact with food.

The cost of a new Xiaomi refrigerator in China under the terms of pre-order on the trading platform Youpin is $129.

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