Mijia Convection Microwave Oven: Xiaomi introduced a smart microwave oven for $78

Xiaomi has expanded its range of smart home devices with another new product. The company introduced the Mijia convection microwave oven with multiple cooking modes and tight integration into the smart home system. 

Mijia Convection Microwave Oven

Unlike classic microwaves, the Mijia gadget uses a convection mechanism that allows hot air to spread evenly throughout the entire internal volume of the device. Xiaomi has provided the possibility of grilling, micro-roasting, and barbecuing, as well as using the microwave as a steamer. 

Like most Xiaomi devices in the Mijia line, the microwave oven can be controlled remotely through the smart home system using a mobile application. Additionally, the manufacturer has prepared a database of built-in recipes. 

The Mijia Convection Microwave Oven costs 78. $ The new product will be on sale on August 11. 

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